Saturday, February 24, 2007

Random Thoughts on Pop Culture

Right now, I am eating a box of Junior Mints and they are really good. Other junk food guilty pleasures include Mini Ring Dings (very chocolate-y), Haagen Dazs Light ice cream, and the somewhat rare (read: occasional) Snack Wrap (Ranch, please) , courtesy of the Golden Arches. These are all consumed sparingly, thank God.

Films: Really loved Children Of Men and its fantastic camera work...thought Clive Owen played it quite well in an understated way...The Departed will be looked back on as a crime classic...Last King Of Scotland is a terrific film even without Whitaker's performance...looking forward to Casino Royale on DVD.

Tv: Is any show funnier than 30 Rock? I am laughing out loud a lot, especially at Alec Baldwin's perfect timing...The Office is also incredibly funny and clever, with Rainn Wilson a standout. Tivoing: The Black Donnellys.

Music: Saw Explosions in the Sky on Tuesday and they were great, although they went on a little long and their bass player's constant swaying motion made my wife nuts... also took the missus to La Traviata at the Met Thursday night for 20 bucks a ticket, which was terrific, just a great spectacle...coming this week: Killswitch and Dragonforce at Roseland on Thursday. Those who are metal must stay metal. Killer Album: Elementary by The End. Looking forward to: Traffic and Weather (April 3rd) by master tunesmiths Fountains of Wayne.

Books:Reading The Terror by Dan Simmons and loving it...anything about the Antarctic, I'm there; add a creature, and I'm there quick.

Oh yeah, and I'm on Facebook, which is kinda shocking ... that's it for now... Aloha, Mr.Hand.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day....

...everybody!! And don't forget to send flowers and chocolates to the loved one... or else suffer the consequences. A special Valentine's greeting for my wife...could you be any more perfect? I don't think so. Thank you, darling... for everything.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pretty Damn Funny

I don't usually do this, but my wife showed me this and it really cracked me up, particularly the early 70's way in which it was shot. Good tune, too. If you're curious, click here.