Tuesday, September 26, 2006

One Beautiful Year...

...since I married my wife. Today was very nice. I expect many years of happiness. Thanks, darling.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

To Do List : Rolling Stones 9/27 Meadowlands

That's right, I'm taking my wife to see the Rolling Crones...er, Strolling Bones...I mean, Mick and the boys at Giants Stadium to celebrate our one year anniversary of being husband and wife. Oh yeah, and some guy named Kanye West is opening. Should be fun. They may look a little haggard (Keith Richards should be in the King Tut exhibit, for God's sake) but they sound better than ever. Oh, and our seats were only 99 bucks a piece (thanks to the Meadowlands presale), which is a steal for Stones tix in this overinflated day and age.
One year down, forty some odd to go...if I'm lucky.

Raging Waters

Well, what can I say - the Roger Waters show at the Garden on Tuesday night was simply monumental. Shaking off old age and the loss of his friend, Syd Barrett, Waters delivered a fantastic, triumphant show to a sold out crowd that ate up every note. If you want to hear for yourself, you can download the torrent here. The only downer was Waters' new song, Leaving Beirut, which asks if the Lebanese people (and Arabs in general), " really mean us harm?"

Ummm...yeah, actually, Roger, a fairly sizable number (not the majority, of course) kinda do mean us harm...that's why there's a huge crater about two miles from where I'm typing this, and that's why you were booed pretty loudly during that particular opus. I can now see why David Gilmour (who, it pains me to say, is definitely missed on certain songs) couldn't continue with Waters - his newer songs tend towards the strident and preachy - not exactly my favorite combo burrito. I'll stick with songs about pigs, loss, and madness, thank you.