Monday, May 15, 2006

Guns n' Roses 5/12/06: Thunder Across 8th Avenue

There are two kind of Guns fans: those who refuse to admit that 1993 is long gone and, arms folded petulantly, demand that a Slash-less G n'R be considered nothing more than a cover band, and those that will take whatever form of Guns they can, Slash or no Slash. I belong to the latter category, since Axl Rose is one of the most exciting live performers I have ever seen, and I will see him any chance I get. Friday night I got that rare opportunity, and I wasn't disappointed in the least - Rose was in peak 1991 form (I should know, having attended the now-famous LA Forum shows in July of that year) , and his all-important "look" was light years cooler than his disastrous 2002 MTV appearance, with a simple leather shirt and crucifix, jeans, and a ginger goatee framing his corn-rowed head nicely.
The show kicked off at 11PM with a thunderous, rousing Welcome To The Jungle, followed by It's So Easy and the sinewy Mr.Brownstone completing the Appetite trifecta in perfect style. Then, suddenly, a peek inside the long awaited Chinese Democracy album with Better, the crunchy new potential single with one of the best G n'R riffs ever. A barrage of hits followed - Live and Let Die, Knockin'On Heavens Door, Sweet Child O' Mine, You Could Be Mine, and November Rain among them- that left the crowd gazing in wild wonder at the sheer mastery of Rock and Roll stagecraft. Flashpots exploded, pyrotechnics singed the cheeks of the fans huddled near the stage, and a triptych of video screens displayed the action as Rose and Robin Finck, their new guitarist(ex-Nine Inch Nails), rushed to different ends of the stage, displaying their respective skills with near total abandon. Finck, particularly,was solid, resembling a skinnier Rick Rubin with a 1970 Jim Morrison makeover, and the drummer, Brian "Brain" Mantia, played tight effective fills.
Sure, there were a few glitches.The mixing board had an off night, especially on The Blues and IRS, two newer songs that show promise, and Rose, leaner and vocally much stronger than 2002, was occasionally winded, probably because he sings with more intensity than 99% of the performers in the world. It seemed to this listener that Axl felt he had something to prove, and he sang as if his life (and career) depended on it. He came pretty close to having a perfect night, with only Sweet Child and Out To Get Me eluding him ever so slightly.
Still, with a moving version of Patience and a triumphant Paradise City to end the show on a high note, this one thing is clear: Axl is definitely back. If he can sustain the tour, release the album (complete with a cool video or two) - big ifs, given his track record - then Guns n' Roses can come back in a big, big way. And that would not only be a great thing for the fans, but for music in general.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ten Things I Think I Think

I think

  • that the new Tool album, 10,000 Days, is pretty damn good.
  • this season of The Sopranos is consistently excellent- well-acted, thoughtful, funny, and clever.
  • the movie Junebug was well done but ultimately disappointing.
  • certain people on the internet are deeply disturbed and full of unspecified anger.
  • the biggest stars (Brangelina, Cruise, Lohan,et al) are subjected to a bizarre combo platter of messianic adoration and total ridicule...with nothing in between.
  • that watchers of MTV are taught four things: hip-hop is all important, money and looks are the only things that are remotely relevant, having cool stuff is crucial to happiness, and to keep watching more MTV.
  • that with Iran, Iraq, avian flu, Al Qaeda, poor security, and an overly large and inefficient government, we are living once again in scary times.
  • Rupert Murdoch - possibly the most conservative media mogul ever - offering to throw a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton is the single most shocking political event this year.
  • I am lucky to have found my wife.
  • I am too sleepy to think of a tenth thing...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Rain and Blaine Leads Mainly to His Gain

Here he is, America's new Houdini, David Blaine, floating in a giant glass bubble outside Lincoln Center as the drizzle puts a serious damper on the crowd of thirty or so curious New Yorkers (including my wife and myself). He seemed in good spirits.The whole scene, not surprisingly, was somewhat surreal. Gotta love New york! And where is that soggy plain?...

Monday, May 01, 2006

To Do List: Guns n' Roses 5/12

On Saturday I got my tickets to the opening show of the 2006 Guns n' Roses Tour at the Hammerstein Ballroom on May 12th. I'll review the show the next day (unless, of course, I'm miserably hung, in which case, it' ll have to wait until Sunday). I will be attending the show with my younger brother John (a full 13 years younger) who, not surprisingly, has never been Axl-ed. Speaking of Mr.Rose, he looks surprisingly slim in the latest pic taken of him here as opposed to here. Let's hope he hits the stage before 2 A.m. so that the impatient crowd doesn't, oh, I don't know, riot maybe? If you dont know what I'm referring to, click here.