Thursday, September 06, 2007

Four New Posts In One Day?

How is that possible? Wait! Make it five! And let the scrolldownfest (is that even a word?) commence...

Can't Stay Away From The UK

Completely excited about returning to England in October for a good friend's wedding in bucolic and sublime Gloucestershire, which hopefully has recovered from horrific flooding and retained most of its stunning splendor (see above). Speaking of stunning, I will be bringing along my wife for the trip, and you can be sure we will be sampling many of the local pubs and restaurants, as she and I are avowed foodies and can always be counted on to try the regional cuisine, no matter how dicey. We are also planning on squeezing in a side trip to London, one of my favorite cities ever, and sampling some of the pubs there (have you detected a theme yet?) before we clamber, bloated and bleary-eyed, aboard our return flight home.

To Do List: Rush 9/17/07

Canada's finest power trio (no, not Triumph, for God's sake) saunters into the fabled Madison Square Garden in a couple weeks to regale us with tunes from their triumphant new Snakes and Arrows record, easily the best album they've put out since the halcyon days of 1982, when men wore mullets and "Tom Sawyer" was the defacto suburban national anthem. Drummer Neil Peart has bounced back, incredibly, from almost unspeakable loss to do some of his finest work and regain his slot as Best Rock Drummer Ever (that's right - ahead of Bonham, Moon, or anybody), Alex Lifeson is an axe wizard, and Geddy Lee is one of the most impossibly talented (not to mention coordinated) musicians ever, as he sings and plays bass and keyboards, oftentimes with different melodies, all at the same time. Shocking. To visit the bands website and hear their excellent new single,"Far Cry", feel free to click here.

Let the Obsession Begin!

Football season begins tonight when the Colts battle the Saints at Indianapolis. Meanwhile, my beloved Seahawks take on the Bucs in Rainytown this Sunday(damn...still haven't been). I am predicting a 10-6 season for my Hawks in a surprisingly tough NFC West division. My squad tends to struggle early (even in 2005, when we were arguably the best team in football at 13-3, we started 2-2), so don't be surprised if they don't gel fully 'til Week 5 against the hated Steelers.

And on the seventh day, God rested...then, cracked open a cold one, leapt into the Barcalounger, and watched the Fox pregame with some newly created pals.

And it was good.

Beyond Absurd

I usually don't post You Tube stuff, because it's kinda cheezy, and most of the stuff is just dumb. But this actual news report is so stupefying - and unintentionally hilarious -that you simply have to see it to believe it. That any organization would cover this story - even to be whimsical- tells you everything you need to know about the media.