Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can't Stay Away From The UK

Completely excited about returning to England in October for a good friend's wedding in bucolic and sublime Gloucestershire, which hopefully has recovered from horrific flooding and retained most of its stunning splendor (see above). Speaking of stunning, I will be bringing along my wife for the trip, and you can be sure we will be sampling many of the local pubs and restaurants, as she and I are avowed foodies and can always be counted on to try the regional cuisine, no matter how dicey. We are also planning on squeezing in a side trip to London, one of my favorite cities ever, and sampling some of the pubs there (have you detected a theme yet?) before we clamber, bloated and bleary-eyed, aboard our return flight home.


Anonymous J.D. said...

It's great you get to travel out of this country--- wish I had that privilage to see some of the many different places outside L.A.---- Since this will be your second time in the UK, I am sure some of your your many friends who were lucky enough to meet you at the May convention will be looking forward to possibly seeing you again. Go easy on the food though, the one thing that can really ruin a vacation, especially in another country, is getting sick. Stomach pains can ruin your entire day (or at least mine!)


September 12, 2007 2:45 AM  

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